The Yo-yo weight

My weight keeps vacillating between the 20 lbs that I seem to loose and gain constantly. It has been doing this for the last 2 years. I am getting really frustrated. It may be that after a few months my exercise\eating schedule takes a hit due to travel, work, personal experiences, etc. I have a really rocky start for the first three months of next year. I am worried that the few weeks of the downward movement will be impacted by the upcoming travel and hotel eating.

I am hoping to find books and ideas on what can be done to reduce the impact. Ideas are welcome.

Cup of Tea


I am a hot beverage person.

I drink coffee, tea, green tea, flavoured teas, mixtures with teas. I drink them all.

I buy mugs and cups for my teas.

A white mug for morning coffee. A tulip glass for my green tea. white cup and saucer for the evening tea.

A small coffee cup for the turkish tea when I need a kick.

A christmas mug for hot chocolate in winter.

Everywhere I go, I leave half empty cups as a map to my day.

Insulin Resistance

After going crazy with trying to loose weight, and getting really frustrated, My doctor has decided that the reason for my snail crawling weight loss is lack of iron and Insulin resistance, which means I have to make further changes to my diet and see if it helps.

The changes that I am making is increasing intake of vegetables and Legumes. I already sometimes feel like I am a rabbit so this should be interesting. I also need to start drinking more green tea during the day.

Also, I am starting to take iron supplement – so can’t have green tea in the morning.

He doesn’t think I need to go on medication and hopefully change in the diet should do the trick so here is to hoping it does.

Losing 10 lb in a year is frankly depressing. But, the fact is I am 10lb lighter so that is what I am rejoicing.

Exercise and Weekend.

Weekend is almost over. However, this has been a good weekend for exercise. I have done both cardio and weight training. I even attempted yoga (and I was not very good at it).

However, one thing I learnt from my visit to Green Mountain is “my Pace is the best pace” so I am going to keep with yoga and hopefully by end of this year – I wouldn’t feel completely loss.

First Week

First week of full on training has been hard. However, the idea is to keep doing it. Just focus on small achievements and not worry about stuff that was not done, so here it is in nut shell….

Sunday – legs, lunges, squats, raises – how many different kind of lunges are there? It is a bit ridiculous as far as I am concerned. Oh well, but doing it.

Monday – arms. Oh boy did they hurt.

Tuesday – failed attempt at shoulder and chest, instead did cardio. Well, 40 mins of cardio is still a good thing.

Wednesday – 30 mins of cardio.

Thursday – sleep.

Friday – 40 mins of interval cardio.

Saturday – legs and 30 mins of walking.

Working through food now. Have been under calorie count each day but need to be more mindful and look at micros more.