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The reason for starting the blog today is simple – the work is less stressful and I have time to focus on myself.

Also, the weight is one thing that is now becoming a hinderance in my career. I had given up everything to focus on career. However, not focusing on myself to focus on career has now back fired. Therefore, it is time to change.

Today was no better eating day then any other day. As a matter of fact it was worse in many ways. So here is dairy of today’s food:

  • Breakfast: Apple juice, fried egg (1), whole wheat bread (2 toast), coffee (not with breakfast but ongoing).
  • Snack: oat cookies.
  • Lunch: grilled meat and chicken, rice, humous
  • Snack: Lindt Chocolate
  • Dinner: Grilled Chicken and rice and custard.

Do you see the problem with my eating pattern?The main meals can be healthish but the snacks are bad. I need to change that otherwise no pounds will come off.

Water Intake: 750 ml? maybe.

Exercise: 11 mins on a treadmill.

Excuse for not doing more exercice: machines were busy.

Real Reason: Too many people at the gym and to ashamed to be seen in public.

Plan is to try to go to the gym in the morning.