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Yesterday, I grabbed an egg sandwich (brown bread, boiled egg, no frills) from the deli before work – I thought in the list of deli food, this could not be that bad. I was wrong. The egg was bad or the sandwich was made too early but I kept feeling strange all day and it got worse as the day progressed. I started getting sever pain in my neck (or may be it was a co-worker who was being pain in the neck?!) and then it went from bad to worse.

I ate some granola bites for snack and consumed a lot of coffee (as all I wanted to do was go to bed and sleep. Sushi for lunch (the healthish kind) and then at dinner – I just ate pasta.

At night, I couldn’t sleep properly and kept tossing and turning, so when the buzzer went at six today – I almost went back to sleep. I almost convinced myself that it was ok not to go to the gym one day.

But then I finally got out of the bed and made it the gym, and had a great 45 mins workout. It was 10 mins of cardio and all weight training today. Yesterday was all cardio and abs.

Now, I am having oatmeal for breakfast. Hopefully right choices will last through out the day.

Whacky weight: 240lb.