I have had a much better eating day today. This is what eating involved today – muesli in the morning with 1% milk. I have been thinking of trying soy milk or rice milk but not sure if I am ready to go down that road, just yet. Lunch was left over chicken curry (it wasn’t as bad as it sounds – it was cooked in very little olive oil and was full of tomatoes) with whole wheat tortilla, followed by yogurt. I had a piece of corn bread for snack – just a piece of bread with no spread, and then two cookies (not so good). 

Dinner was brown rice (yes, I finally found a recipe that worked, I even tweeted it) and grilled  chicken. Given the way eating has been going, this was very good. 

I did a very middle eastern thing after dinner – went to a shish/coffee place and had an apple-mint shisha and Moroccan tea (i love tea with mint). Shisha is big in the ME (it is the equivalent of going to a bar in the West) and when I moved here, i was smoking it non stop. I have become a lot better and do it less frequently (or more like once a week). 

In terms of working out, weekend has been a complete failure and it almost 1:00 am in the morning and I am still not in bed. I have to wake up at six if I am going to do my work out routine before work. However, the tea is really keeping me awake. 

It also doesn’t help that my husband is an owl and stays up late working. We have such different schedules that the weekend is the only real time we spend together and I do not like going to bed early on the weekends BUT tomorrow is an exercise-work so I better get ready for bed. 

I better get ready for bed.