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There I have said it – weekends are hard – I find it impossible to eat healthy or exercise on the weekends. My best laid out plans for the weekend very quickly go pear shape. It has to do with a number of things (and yes, I know they are excuses but I need to spell them out).

I am exhausted on the first day of the weekend and I don’t want to do anything. I don’t even want to have sex (and for me that is a rarity). I just want to stay in bed, read or surf online and then around midday make it to the couch and watch meaningless TV. At some point, I want to eat something because I am starving. It is usually Nando or Chinese take-away because I am not in the mood to cook or be healthy.

I want to crawl back in the bed for an afternoon nap and then wake up in the evening and take a shower. I can then be persuaded to go out but it has to be in the vicinity of my home – otherwise I am equally happy to stay at home and potter – water my plants, and get excited about chilies and coriander growing on my balcony. I like being a home body on the weekend. It gives me energy to be normal rest of the week.

Saturday is all out errand day – grocery, all the things that I said I wanted to buy and didn’t buy, threading, waxing, nails (yes these are all errands), figuring out rest of the week, reading sometimes. There are hours in the middle when I can be at the gym or figuring out a healthy meal. I don’t want to do it. I do it rest of the week and I want a break.

So yes, weekends are hard because I just want to do nothing on the weekends but the guilt of not being healthy makes it difficult to do nothing.