I have been meaning to write this post since I started this blog (I know it has not been many days) but this post requires a fair bit of honesty and the ability to face the truth.

I think there were a number of things that contributed to me gaining and I wanted to list (and possibly) explain each of them:

Health and Wrong Diagnosis 

I became unwell. I think it was the stress of moving away from the family and my comfort zone to a scary unknown place that got my hormones in a mess. I started to have sporadic periods. I went to the doctor and he put me on the pill. The pill did not work so he kept trying one after the other and I started to gain weight. At some point he decided that the thing to do was to put me on steroids, which made things worse.

Thereafter, the great medical geniuses decided that I needed to get my thyroid tested and then put me on thyroxine even though I did not need it.

The worse my medical condition got the more wrong medication I kept getting fed and becoming sicker and sicker.


The sickness made me constantly tired and lazy. I did not want to work out or had the energy for it. I got to the point where I could sit and watch tv or read a book for 5 hours straight (or longer) without moving.

Junk Food

It started as buying junk food as a snack for the mid morning/late afternoon snack and it progressively became worse, where I found my self eating more junk then real food. Lack of time for cooking meant that takeaway and delivery became stable supply of food.

And the above resulted in a vicious cycle of not wanting to exercising, junk food and gaining weight.

I have realised that the health is only going to come from medication but the other two I have control over so I need to get the grip on those two.