When you live in the Middle East, the overcast sky is a luxury you hardly see. It brings smile to yourself and makes you think nothing in the world can go wrong. Today was such a morning. When I woke up this morning, the dawn was just breaking but the sky was overcast so the first thing I saw was the dancing spectrum of oranges, reds and blues. It made me smile. I am fortunate enough to have a view of the Persian Gulf. The thing about the Persian Gulf is that it is almost always calm. And this morning, the overcast sky, the break dawn and the beautiful calm water was seamless. I thought about going and getting the camera but decided against it. It was something I did not want to share. It was pure serenity.

 I had a relatively good work out today. I did 10 minutes of cardio and weight training. Eating has been good. Recording food is amazing. It makes you think about everything you eat. You question the decisions you are going to make.