If you hadn’t guess already, I am sick. On the flight back I started to feel not so good. Just an itch in the throat, a bit cold but nothing major. However, by the time the plane touched the home tarmac, I was sneezing, coughing and my voice was gone.

Over the last three days my condition has gotten worse and I got a bad fever. The exercise regiment that I stuck to even when I was on the business trip was out of the window as I mostly stayed in bed and worked from home. I didn’t get a proper night sleep until yesterday.

I am still not well but can now at least move and think of getting out of bed. I have tried to be healthy about eating but that has not been easy as all I want is warm soup and hot food. I have come below the calorie intake for each day but have been ball parking most of the amounts.

Now the good part about working from home is that nothing beats working in pyjamas and with a hot cup of tea by your side, and the home made chicken corn soup is God sent. The difficult thing is that Internet is usually too slow to connect to the system and you need a lot of patience.

I actually can’t wait to be able to go back to work.