Strange blog name? Well it pretty much describes my weekend. 

I am one of those strange people who love anchovies on their pizza. My favourite pizza is a thin crust pizza with these topping: spinach, baby mozzarella (and not a thick layer of mozzarella cheese), fried egg, black olives, chilli flakes and anchovies. It is a pizza that makes me happy and it annoys me that so few places make it. I decided to make my own pizza today at the pizzeria and ordered all the toppings I like. They did not have a fried egg and I had to replace spinach with rocket but otherwise the pizza was perfect. 

I brought my perfect pizza back home and watched last three episodes of Downton Abbey Season 3 [SPOILER ALERT] and I have to admit some of the stuff I did not see coming.

I mean what is with people dying on this show. Every season two or more characters die but I thought Lady Sybil’s death was so tragic, and how they played that really complicated medical scene with the choices, decisions and views was very realistic and extremely well done. Also, the reactions downstairs were also amazing BUT the best scene was Dowager Countess walking alone to the parlour in her black veil, and collapsing and keeping form. It was an amazing scene. 

The second death at the end of the season was more shocking and more troubling. I realize a lot of people have not reached that part of the show so will not talk about it. 

And now to Belgium Chocolates. I love dark chocolate. I love pralines and truffles and bars. I love nuts in my chocolates. I also love orange and sometimes chilli in the chocolates I eat. I recently went to Belgium and the chocolates there are amazing. I mean  Côte d’Or, Callebaut, Godiva, Neuhaus, Leonidas – each shop is better from the one before. The chocolate melts in your mouth but there is nothing like Pierre Marcolini’s dark chocolate range. They are dark chocolates from various chocolate producing countries of the world and then his own special blends and mixes. They are divine. You just need one piece and then let the tast linger in your mouth and relish it. It was the best treat for a weekend with cold. If you have not eaten it then you have to try it.