It has been a crazy week at work. I have been working everyday from 8:00 am to midnight or later, and I still have work to do over the weekend. I am exhausted. I was able to continue to eat healthy but exercising was difficult.

I was sleeping every day around 1/2 am and when the alarm rang at 5:40 am every morning, i just switched the alarm and went back to the sleep. It was horrible.

Finally today I was able to get out of the bed (or drag myself out of bed) and went to the gym. However, the gym was closed. I waited for approximately 10 minutes for the gym to open and it doesn’t. There is no sign as to why it is closed. It was the most frustrating experience. I spent an hour today trying to find a way to file a complain about this issue. The gym does not happen. There is no customer service. You cannot make any suggestions or register complain. It is so annoying.

It is things like these that make me miss home so much. If you have a problem, you can find a way of resolving it, talk to someone and get it resolved. In the ME there is no accountability in corporate institutions. And both corporate institutions and independently owned business are run by underpaid staff, who are unhappy and not interested in the job and do not have the ability or the power to make a difference/decision. The “gym owner” has probably never visited the gym or spoken to the members except to collect money at the end of week, and that is if it is not collected by their chauffeur.