It was the second time this week that I made it to the gym. It was an exhausting session. I did 15 mins of treadmill and approx 70 mins of weight training. It felt great.

I also was able to control my eating today and didn’t go on a binge like I usually do on weekends.

All in all, today has been a good day.

Also, after a long time, today, I was able to read for a while. I picked up an old book – A Portrait of the Artist by James Joyce. I’m enjoying the book and the writing style. The book gives a glimpse of Ireland from a child’s perspective and his take on the school, moving houses, religion and coming to turns with changing dynamics is very interesting. I don’t really have many deep thoughts about the book just yet. I usually need to finish a book before I have more meaningful observations about it. I hope I have more to add once I finish the book.

What are you reading?

Anything different you are doing with your exercise and diet?