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I had such a gruelling last week at work that we had to postpone the VD for weekend. As per our tradition, we don’t do much for the VD. However, this is not because of any hate towards the VD but because of our personal circumstances.

Let me explain.

We both travel a lot so we are mostly never in the same country on the VD. As a matter of fact, this was our first VD together in 4 years. So when we are together, we just enjoy being with each other and do things that makes us happy.

This VD (or Friday) it meant sleeping in late (we work up around mid-day). My husband made us tea, and we took it to the balcony with our cereal bowls. We are lucky to have a view of the Persian Gulf from our balcony (and the fact that weather has held up so well this year and it is not boiling hot yet) so we watched the view, ate our cereal, checked mail, read news and then discussed news. We both are quite political and can sometime (mostly) have opposite views so it makes for a great conversation. It is something we don’t get to do much because of our work commitments.

Afterwards, I went to the gym while he cleaned up the dishes and did some work. After coming back we made lunch (chicken stir-fry with brown rice) and then ate it while sitting on our couch and watching mindless TV. We went for a walk in the evening, had leftover for dinners and read in bed before falling sleep. Given that we don’t get to do the simple things together very often, being able to just enjoy each other’s company was perfect. It was really special day for us as we spent it with each other doing things we both enjoyed. It was being with the other person, which made it so special.

I hope everyone else had a great Valentine’s Day!