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The last few weeks have been difficult because of the work crisis. Eating, exercising and sleeping have all been a bit out of sorts.

I also had a crazy weight gain in a week – about 23 lb! I lost it for a bit when that happened.

I have to give it to the MFP people. They really got me out of my funk and were so supportive. A large portion of it was water retention so has disappeared. I think it was because of my trip to Saudi, which is very dry and my body decided to hold on to every drop of water I drank.

Rest is still there and is slowly going everyday.

I was working this weekend but made it to the gym both days. Yay! Given that there has been no gym for last 2 weeks it felt good to finally exercise.

Eating has been a bit whack this week. It has been healthy but couple of days I have gone above the calorie counts. Never above 100 calories/day. However, I don’t like going above calories and like to stay within or usually under the requisite amount.

I also got the blood tests done this week and my doc thinks that I may have insulin resistance so I need to stop eating wheat or significantly reduce it. I’m experimenting with other grains/substitutes.

My favourite so far is rye. It is so versatile. I use it exactly the same way I would use wheat flour in most things.

Im trying brown rice and tapioca flour today. I’m making banana bread with it. It is in the oven and smells heavenly.

If anyone knows any recipes with alternate flours, I will really appreciate people passing them on or links to some websites.

The plan for this week is to stay healthy and do some exercise. I’m going to start doing HIIT routine for the days I cannot make it to the gym. I think even if I don’t do a whole lot or just a few minutes it has to be better compared to doing nothing.

So the buzzer is gone and I’m going to check on my bread.