I read the recent post by the Prior Girl titled Confessions of a weightloss blogger and some of it rings true. The fact that I am not writing because I am gaining weight is not necessarily true. However, when I don’t write and/or track food then I do gain weight. There are few reasons for it (or at least in my case there are):

(a) If I am not tracking or writing food is because I have not had enough time to consciously think about food or exercise. This does mean that I am eating unhealthy and probably not exercising.

(b) I am possibly doing crazy work schedule and have not had the time to do grocery.

(c) I have been eating same food over and over again because of the above two things. And I keep defaulting to the same thing and I am now completely and totally sick of it.

Also, my eating habit in stress stink. I think it would be ideal to cook up a storm on the weekend. Prepare food for next week and then not worry about what to do rest of the week. This for me is a pipe dream as mostly either I am working on the weekend or I am too exhausted to actually function. I do not want to spend time doing grocery shopping or cooking or for that matter doing any chores over the weekend (if I am off). All I want to do is sit on the couch and do nothing.

In many ways Monday (yes I know it is 2 days away but I am travelling tomorrow and I leave at 5:00 am so I know realistically this will not happen) is day zero again. I am hoping that I can get back to eating right and exercising.