It has taken me sometime to get back to blogging. I started eating healthy and at least 3 times a week gym routine a week or so ago. I also started logging food. Now I am going to restart the blogging.

The last few months have been quite instrumental in realising how my diet and exercise goes off the track. I would not have noticed it if I was not recording/blogging/talking about it. I realise that my work does turn me insane and that when you work 16/18 hours a day consistently, it becomes very difficult to stay sane, eat healthy and continue to act like a normal person.

The struggle is to not stop everything i.e., eat healthy when one cannot exercise and not to give in to comfort food. The biggest culprit in my life is pizza. It is something that I can get at 2:00 am without having to think too much about food.

I think the way around it is to figure out what to eat for the week during the week and keep the food simple. The more complicated it is more difficult it gets. I am going to spend sometime this weekend making list of food to eat and may be prepare things over the weekend.