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I have not gone off the track (I have stuck to it mostly – if you don’t count Doritos and snicker bar at 2:00 am on Saturday). 

I have just been crazily busy. Having the chart has really worked but I have not made one for this week. I think I will do it today when I come back from work. I will write a more detailed post about food and eating and travelling. 

Work has been crazy and right now I am trying to change the dates for my travel to match the date for meetings at place for work. 

Last week I was in Dubai for work and I love it. The people are nice and friendly. The city has this amazing vibe and I love that it is a crazy city. I like cities – I love NY, London, Toronto, Jo’burg, Tokyo, Hong Kong,  Mumbai and Karachi. All the cities I have had to go to for work and I love them all.  I love the craziness and madness that is city life. I miss it. 

I also recently went to Bahrain. I am not sure what I feel about people in Bahrain. I really like the older taxi drivers. They are all natives of Bahrain and her warm, helpful and kind. The younger generation of Bahrainis are well not nice or politie, neither are they polite and friendly, which is what everyone in the Gulf keeps telling me about Bahrainis. They are friendly people. I didn’t think so or at least of the ones in between the ages of 20 to 40. I thought a lot of the younger ones were really rude and acted entitled because of their nationality and the fact that they have a degree.