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It has been really long, dear friends. I hope somebody out there missed me (otherwise I would feel really unloved (j/k)).

The reason for long silence has been life. A lot happened in life. Family. Illness. Injuries. Work. Husband. Marriage. It is the kind of stuff soap operas are made of – if you ever doubted it can’t really all happen to one person – doubt no more. It CAN and it DID!

A lot of things happened that took a lot out of me and made it impossible to keep this blog updated or to be consciously healthy.  However, those are the tales for some other days. Today is all about happiness and thank yous.

So happiness first – things are better. life is slowly getting better. It is dragging its feet and kicking very hard to stay stationary and in a rut but it is finally giving in to all the shoving and pulling – and getting better.

The second bit to be happy about is through all the craziness and through all the madness. I managed to continue exercising. It was one thing I did not give up! Even through injury and illness – so a high five on that one.

The third bit to be happy about – I actually managed to kick some weight off! Yup – I didn’t think it would happen but when I got on the weighing scale couple of days ago. I was down a quiet few notches.

And finally and most importantly – I realize that I automatically and without thinking make healthy choices with food now. Not all the time. Not always but most of the time. Even when I am stressed. Believe me this is a really huge one for me. Even with my intense and overly huge sweet tooth (or are they giant teeth) I make healthy choices – decide to skip dessert or have a piece of dark chocolate (and not a bar).

Now Thank you –

To my mother and sister – you both are awesome and have been there when I was going crazy.

The Individual- Things got crazy and dark but you didn’t give up or walk away.

To the amazing physiotherapist who helped me worked through my injury and gave alternate exercises to work on muscles while I was recovering. Giving stretches and breathing activities to keep training inactive muscles.

To the personal trainer I had when I went home who pushed me and worked around my crazy schedule and injury and illness and drama prone life. You are amazing.

To the personal trainer here – it has not been long since we have started but you have been great. I like the fact that you realize my limitations and still push me.

And finally – to everyone who checked in. Thank you. Keep reading.