The first day of recording food is done. It is all on the My Fitnesspal. I really like the site and the people on it.

Recording food does make me more mindful of what I eat. There is this constant reminder of things that one can and cannot eat.

I still need to figure out meals around gym. Breakfast before or after. What to and not to eat. How to get in protein without calorie over load.

Also what is a good substitute for bread with eggs in the morning. I always think it is too many calories. Suggestions?

I think in weight loss apps there should be a tab which says “Emotional Crap”. A lot of weight gain/lack of exercise is linked to mental health and emotional debilitation that comes from the process.

My plan to go to gym completely got shot this morning because of emotional carp that got hulled my way this morning.

I did not think about a particular action before doing it and then it got worse when I tried to fix it. Hate it when that happens.

It got worse because I was constantly being badgered to do a particular thing and then another and being accused and harassed. The fact is that the fix was easy and would have taken two seconds but because the other ppl were going so a-shaped with the whole thing that it got worse. Now I have to wait next 24 hours to get it fixed when the mighty IT support gets around to it.

Oh freaking hell!

In trying to fix, unable to fix and then dealing with the accusations and guilt completely made it impossible to go to the gym in the morning.

I almost got to the point when I wanted to curl in bed and not face the day. I didn’t but I almost did.

Now I need to see if I can make it to the gym after work. If not, it will be tomorrow 😦