Why do we humans hate fat people?

It was the question posted by someone on myfitnesspal.com.

I think the answer is evolution. We have started to recognise, at some subconscious level, that fat is going to play a part in destruction of human race. Our bodies may not have adapted to the change from our hunter-gatherer lifestyles but our minds have evolved to recognise the danger our sedentary lifestyle is posing to the human race. Therefore, our reaction towards a person who is obese is “hatred” or even in some cases “disgust”.

We have also learnt that obesity in most cases is treatable by human action. Therefore, as part of our natural selection and survival of the fittest, we make it harder for the people who are not taking actions to adapt for survival.

Some of us are naturally better structured to fight obesity, have better genes, and so they are already part of the evolutionary survival. The others who are not have an option (in most cases) to change and become the fittest to survive.  When we as human see people whom we presume are not making an effort survive or change, we think of them as “traitors” to the human race.

There are obviously outside stimuli that impact this reaction in human beings. The lifestyles we lead, the media showing super thin models, the growing dress size, our bodies becoming unwell and leading to disease, the discomfort in mobility and hindrance in ability to perform physical tasks.  However, this is exactly how natural selection and survival of the fittest works. The specimens of specie that adapt and evolve most quickly to the change in the environment and as reaction to the change in stimuli are the survivors and the others just fail.

This is somewhat disturbing for me to write because I have over the last few years gone from being in the category of being the fittest to not being the fittest. It is also heart breaking to recognise that some much of it is part of natural selection and when you are not naturally selected there is a lot more work required to survive. 

In view of the preceding, and irrespective of the fact that one has not been naturally selected, I think it is also the best inspiration that exists for becoming fit. It is about the survival of one’s genes and ensuring that the evolution process will not destroy or get rid of one’s gene pool.

If we are to take a holistic view of the world and not think of it as three generations from today, it is likely that our inaction to rectify and adapt to the changing stimuli can result in eradication of our own gene pool from human race. It is not impossible for this to happen. The anatomically modern humans are one of the only sub species of “homo” gene pool to survive. It is also believed that not all genes in the anatomically archaic humans survived to form part of the present human gene pool.

I think if one is need a reason to get healthy then survival of your gene pool is better than any other reason.

There is, of course, a counter evolutionary argument to this; but that is for another day.