10. I worked late last night. I need sleep.

– you are already awake at 5:00 am. So what if you worked late last night.

9. I am emotionally exhausted.

– this happens a lot. A LOT. Work on your emotions on the treadmill. It is as good for thinking as the bed.

8. I will do it in the evening.

– it will never happen. i only do gym if I do it in the morning. In the evening, I want to get home and get into my pjs. It happened once, when I would leave work (whatever time it was) and hit the gym for 2 hours. NOT ANYMORE!

7. I need to call my parents. They will be in bed by the time I come back.

– they will be awake when you come back from work.

6. I don’t feel like it.

– do you feel like being above average weight?

5. Let me close my eyes for 5 mins and I will get up.

– Ah no. This is the only time insomnia will not keep you awake. You will fall asleep and then wake up with a panic attack to find out you are late for work.

4. Why do I have to do it when so many others don’t?

– you got bad set of genes. Blame evolution. Tough shit.

3. Just today.

– it is never just today. It is just next five days.

2. It is the weekend. I want a complete break.

– remember all the errands you are going to do this is not a complete break.

1. I don’t want to wash my hair

– I have no idea why this one still works. My phobia of shampoo and products. Wash it. Style it. Get on with it.