That was hard.

I had personal training today and we did upper body exercises and they were hard. I have discovered muscles that I didn’t even know I had.

Lateral pulls 20 x 3
Biceps pulls 15 x 3
Back row 15 x 4 each side
Biceps curls 15 x 3
Biceps hammers 15 x 3
Side curls 15 x 3
Core standing twist 30 x 2 each side
Sustain crunches 5 x 4

It was hard but felt good.

Now the Rant:

The most difficult thing about working out and eating right is not shifting weight. I know that I am insulin resistant so it is very difficult for me to shift weight. I have to do everything 3 times more and even than I don’t shift weight easily. However, that does not make it easy.

It is difficult to not see results. Neither physically nor on measurements. Today, when I got on the scale, I really wanted the weight to have moved even if it was 0.5 lb but it hasn’t and it really really annoyed me.

Oh well, I guess just keep doing it. It has to finally give.