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I have been kind out of it this week. 

I have done things and not done things. There is a part of me which just feels that I need to procrastinate for hours and then other which thinks I should do something more constructive.

So where do we start:


Well this week, I got my fitbit flex. If you recall I had also won the  Ozeri 4x3razor Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer. So here are my thoughts:

  • It looks as space cadety as I thought it would look. It is also wider than it looks in the pictures. 
  • It is tricky to get the latch to fit properly and the first few time you close, if you don’t do it right, it is possible to hurt yourself. 
  • The charging is fairly quick and the setup is straightforward. The battery lasts for approx 5 days, which is great. 
  • Accuracy: accuracy is a bit of a hit and miss. It doesn’t really work if you are doing an interval treadmill workout or if you are the type of person who holds the treadmill when you walk. I do both those things and I found that really annoying. On my high intensity cardio days it can get up to three thousand steps off (I used it against Ozeri 4x3razor Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer) a couple of days. However, on non intense cardio days it is only a couple of hundred steps off from Ozeri
  • Sleep monitor is completely off. I have stopped using it. It thinks I am sleeping when I have actually gotten up, gone down the stairs, come back, replied to emails, have phone conversation and then gone back to sleep. 
  • It is a lot more convenient to use then Ozeri, and therefore, I keep using it. Whereas with Ozeri I have forgotten to put it on, thrown track pants in the washer with it still attached, etc.
  • Bluetooth Sync: I think this is the most awesome thing about it and the reason why I use it. It gives instant updates. It is easy to see how active or inactive you have been in a day and that is really convenient. I think I would have hated getting UP and finding I had to attach it every time I wanted data. 
  • Application: It is easy to link to applications. Currently, I have linked it to MFP and fitbolt (I, btw, love fitbolt – it is fun app that makes sure my desk wouldn’t kill me). 

My first impression final comments: yes, it may not be as accurate or as pretty but it is damn good for getting the general idea of daily activity and the convenience makes up for it. 


I have generally been good with food except today when I have three bags of Food Doctor’s Soya Crisps. They are crisps without potatoes and one bag is 97 cals. What’s not to like? May be having three bags is not to like. 

I have been to the gym everyday this week. What else do you people want from me?


This weekend I had a Lymphatic massage. I am not sure if it did anything to drain fat from my body but it was relaxing so it at least achieved one purpose of the massage.

I worked for few hours this weekend and for the rest of it I have had a date with my sofa. 

I have also been reading all the Project O’s entries this weekend, which I had missed during the week. If you are not already reading it then I would strongly recommend that you make your way there. It is a really interesting project.

I have yet to comment on any entries but I have found them delightfully interesting. The most interesting thing about the entries is not actually the geographical spread for me, which by the way is very wide, but the age of the writers. The difference between the younger writers and older writers is fascinating. There is the innocence, the will to take on the world and everything being black and white for so many of the younger writers but the older writers tend to have a more grey view of life and their opinions are more experienced based rather than emotions (GENERALISATION ALERT). I am not sure which I found more interesting – the hope, angst and take on the world attitude of the younger writers  or more measured, calculated and experience view of the older writers. 

So if you are not already reading the articles, please do.