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Is anyone else completely blown over by the apps and gadgets available to get us fit?

I am a data junkie and now I have a new obsession/distraction for data.

So here are the gadgets and apps that I am using:


MFP was the first app I started using when I started this journey. It was recommended by a fellow blogger, Urban Runner, who has now stopped blogging for some reason. It was the most eye-opening experience of my life. I have also found the follow MFPers to be the most supportive group of people out there. They are not just friends in weight-loss journey but are also there for me during the day.

I find myself checking up on them a number of times. Seeing how they are doing. Feeling proud of them for their achievement and sharing in their frustrations.

Thank you and big shout out to all of them.

Fitbit Flex

I had done review bullet points on my take on fitbit flex a few days ago. I really do like it alot. It is really convenient device. I have also gotten over my “look issues“.

I use it everyday. It only comes off when it needs to be charged.

My favourite thing about the device is actually the smartphone app and bluetooth sync. I obsessively sync it (about every 45 mins/an hour) and get data constantly.

I don’t think I have ever been so obsessed with the number of steps in a day I have taken. If you need inspiration to walk/move then this device is a gem.

Withings – The Smart Body Analyser

Withings Scale is the newest addition to my workout gadgets.  It wirelessly connects to my phone and laptop. It also has a smartphone app (which is what I used for setting it up) and once again I use it daily. It measures weight, fat percentage, BMI, heartbeat and also temperature and air quality in the room. It takes 10 seconds for all the information to be collected and sent to your Withings account. It is then available on your phone and dashboard (computer based platform).

Awesomeness of it All

The awesomeness of it all is that I can sync all of them together. Withings and Fitbit have competing devices so linking them is a bit more complicated and they don’t sync completely. However, both sync with MFP quite easily and the data from one is available on the others. 

Ozeri Pedometer

If you read my bullet points on fitbit flex you would know that it doesn’t work really well on cardio days and on these days I still use my Ozeri Pedometer to calculate the distance I have walked and the steps I have taken.


Pinterest is my source of inspiration, exercise ideas and great healthy food choices. The boards on fitness and food are awesome for exercise and food ideas.


I am not a big twitter user but there are days when I go on a twitter binge and connect with loads of people. Read what people are saying and doing. It is great. I also find the idea of twitter diet interesting. I don’t think I could do it but there are loads who have succeeded with it.


It is a widget that is designed to get you moving during the workday without leaving the office. Some of the exercise are not practical if you share an office or are in an open plan/cubicle office. Other’s are quite easy to do. I don’t do all of them but try to do a few during the day.


This blog is my consciousness during this journey and chronicle of what it means to do this. I am writing this to remember how hard it is to do this and never to get back to this point again. It is great when people read it and like it. It is awesome when they leave a comment. It makes my day.

Other Not So Gadgetry Tools

I have a trusty old tape measure that I use once a week to take basic body measurements. I can record the measurements in either fitbit or MFP and then everything syncs away.


You would think my need for gadget and apps would be satisfied but no ma’am. I still want more and more. There are things I would really like – bodymedia core 2 and a heart monitor (yup, I still miss my heart monitor – my first ever gadget that died).