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As much as I enjoy travelling for fun and relaxation, I detest work travel. I feel completely out of control of my eating habits and exercise regiment when I am travelling for work. The schedule is determined by work commitments and meetings, which usually tend to run all day as most people want everything completed. The eating is either at hotel restaurants or I end up ordering in-room dining. It is not the best way to live. It is also capable of destroying your sanity.

I am travelling for work tonight for the next four days and I am already about the impact it will have on my eating and exercise. I am aware that I have to do a work lunch at a Japanese restaurant and also a dinner with a client (restaurant type unknown). The other events will primarily include eating random mad things at different times, sitting in long meetings and drinking insane amount of coffee.

Since I am travelling to Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to work out at the gyms in the hotel. There is also really no option of going for a walk outside. I will have to come up with a plan of working out in the hotel room (which frankly is not such a great idea).

I will try to sort out my snacks and some lunch/dinner options before I leave. I also need to come up with an exercise routine that I can do in the hotel room with limited space and no equipment.

This is not going to be fun 😦