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Thursday was the day I was going to get on the flight and true to form things started to go crazy on Thursday morning.  

I had a meeting in the afternoon, which kept getting pushed back. I had thought I would grab lunch just before the meeting but that did not happen as it kept getting delayed and I didn’t eat until 5:30 and that was also random half sandwich and a scone. It would have been delicious if I was not starving and was actually able to taste anything. 

Two of my transactions, which I thought  had been agreed and decided were re-opened for negotiation. Things went crazy on both these transactions. When I was in my now delayed meeting (I had 25 (I kid you not) 25 calls) with people trying to resolve issues. It is crazy that one cannot go for two hour without the world falling apart. 

I ended up spending hours on the phone with another colleague trying to work through the craziness that had hit the fan and that meant that I did not get to eat dinner until I was in the airport lounge at 11:30 pm to catch my 1:00 am flight. 

The meetings are set to begin 10:00 am this morning and will last the entire day, which means I will eat just junk throughout the day. We are suppose to have working lunch at some restaurant. I hate working lunches. They are neither lunch nor work. Why don’t people just take a break, let other people catch up with their lives and then they can go back to work. 

Please let this not turned into a big mess. I have just worked really hard to get on the right track for it to fall apart in next four days.