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It has been exhausting last few days.

I have been travelling for work, and despite my best intentions, both eating and exercise were a complete disaster. 

If you really want to see my disastrous eating habits for last few days, you are more than welcome to check out my food diary at MFP. I was constantly above my calorie intake requirements. I also ate really unhealthy food – kebabs, briyani, Japanese random meals (which was probably the healthiest thing I ate) and bourbon biscuits – I must have consumes tons of it. I would sit in meetings and keep eating them – absolute craziness.

Side note from travel rant: I do love bourbons. I think they are the most honest and unpretentious biscuit. I think custard cream and ginger snaps are close second/third.     

I also  hardly did not do any exercise. My step-average went from 10,250 steps a day to 7,510 steps a day and distance average went from 7.11 km to 4.89 km. I did no in hotel room exercises nor any other form of exercise. I know it is really bad but I really didn’t have time or energy to work out (I am sorry but working from 7:00 am to 1:00 am did not leave me with any energy to workout).

I am also completely, and I mean, completely dehydrated.  Does this happen to anyone else when they travel? You feel completely parched and no amount of water would suffice. I have been drinking water like a mad person since I have come back and my lips are still really dry and I feel like I have a cotton mouth. Hopefully this will get fixed in next couple of days. 

I gained just above a pound (1.1 lb)  on the trip. I know most people think that one pound, in bigger scheme of things, is not much (and in reality it isn’t). However, when losing each single pound has been such a struggle, it is a pound I don’t want to work again to loose. 

Here is to a better next few days.