I am going to do a cardio post every day. The main aim of this is to keep myself honest about the amount cardio I am doing and also pushing the limit of cardio I do everyday.

I really struggle with cardio, and therefore, for next 30 days the challenge is to up my cardio. I also have a work trip planned for end of October and I want to make sure that I am doing enough cardio for it to become second nature by the time I travel.

So the cardio for today:

Warm-up: treadmill – 5 mins
Interval treadmill – 30 mins
Cool down – 5 mins

Evening walk: 50 minutes

Ozeri step count 14934
Fitbit flex count 10970

Tomorrow is my strength training day but I want to get a morning walk and evening walk in.

OK peeps, I am done for the day.

Good evening/night.