I live in an apartment in a city so real estate is a rare commodity but I love to grow my own vegetables and herbs. I grow most of my vegetables in pots. I compost all year around in my balcony so I can use my compost to grow my own vegetables.

There is nothing like seeing your balcony full of fruits and vegetables in early spring. There are some excellent resources available online about urban gardening. One of my favourite blogs is The Urban Organic Garden. I also love the All Women Stalk list of Urban Garden blogs and go there often (my favourite one is Life on the Balcony).

I started with growing our herbs in a pot, then moved on to other plants. I have really enjoyed the process. In the ME, it can be nerve wrecking as most plants don’t survive summer and in the winter come sand storms so you need to work very hard to protect your plants from sandstorms especially if they are really young. However, it is all worth the effort.

The post by Pimping the Beast inspired me to write my own post about the things that I am planning to grow. This year there are following things on the list:

Tomatoes (heirlooms, cherry and yellow)

The cucumber is already starting to bloom, which is really exciting.

Do you garden? What do you grow?