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It has been a long week with late nights at work, somewhat erratic eating and hit and miss exercise schedule. I am happy to see the end of this week and today as it is the weekend, and now I can finally relax (before I get back on the roll coaster on Saturday evening). I am travelling to S.E.Asia this Saturday, which means my sleeping pattern, eating and exercise will be completely shot. However, I am not going to worry about that at this stage. Right now, I am going to celebrate end of this week and day.

All things considered, today was an ok day. I am not sure why I am eating so much chocolate these days. It is somewhat stress and more importantly, I think, it is the lack of water. I usually drink about 10-15 glasses of water but these I am only consuming 5/6 glasses of water and that is also at the end of the day when I completely parched. I have to up water intake before I get on the plane, otherwise, it would a mini disaster.

So, today’s challenges are all done.

Fitbit Steps: 11,196 (yay!), cardio: 56 mins (divided between morning and evening).
Squats: 85
Pushups: 15, Dips: 15, Biceps curls: 20, Punches: 20 secs (and a bit more).