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The last two days of doing gym and the challenges means that each muscle in my body is aching. It has been difficult to go back to full time gym and increasing intensity of each challenge.

Yesterday morning I kept hitting snooze button for 45 minutes until I finally dragged myself to the gym. I did cardio 25 minutes of treadmill and 20 minutes of elliptical. It has been ages (or a week) since I have done that much cardio and boy did it hurt. I mean what the hell happened to muscle memory? Also, the step count went up this week to 11,500 so suddenly from 5000 (which is what my target was when I was travelling) now I had to do 11,500 steps. I did 30 minutes of walk in the evening hoping that will make the step count. However, it didn’t. I had to rounds in my living room to make the step count. The only saving grace for yesterday was that it was rest day for squat and arm challenge so I had time to recover.

I am actually proud of myself for making it through today. I did 5 minutes of elliptical. 60 minutes of leg strength training. 15 mins of abdominal workout. 1 hour of walk. 11,520 fitbit steps (and counting). squat challenge (250 squats), arm challenge (28 push ups, 75 bicep curls, 50 dips, 1 min punches, 32 lateral flies, 32 front flies, 32 swimmers, 32 straight flies).

I am exhausted. I am going to have dinner in 10 minutes and then go to sleep.

We start tomorrow, again.