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I know, I know – I have been a bit delinquent in updating my blog. The reasons are same as they always are work, tiredness, etc. but the real reasons are I have been lazy and uninspired.

I blog because it keeps me on track and accountable about health and fitness regime. If I am not blogging, it usually means that I am not as focused on fitness-health issues and I am slacking. And, it usually happens when I travel. Travelling really breaks my momentum and when I come back it takes me ages to get back into the routine. The worst thing about travelling is food.

Hotels don’t serve healthy food. Work travel also does not lend itself to healthy eating or exercise habits. I did most of my challenges but I was eating rubbish. I mean for every freaking breakfast there were croissants and pastries. You can avoid them but then by 11:00 am you are starving and the only thing that is being served are cookies and coffee. Lunch was usually a buffet and technically has a “salad bar” (which is not really a salad bar but a mayo invasion) so the eating gets shit. It is a vicious cycle you can’t get out of.

I came back and with jet lag and everything else it took me 3-4 days and 1.7lb weight gain to get back to the gym.

It is really one step forward and two-step backwards with this weight loss process. It is really starting to frustrate me.