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So, the Cardio Challenge is all done. This was probably the hardest challenge for me to complete. In many ways, it was a challenge I did not really fully complete because on so many days I was travelling so I did 5,000 steps and on others I was on a plane for the entire day and didn’t even do 2,000 steps.

However, each day that I was not hindered by circumstances beyond my control I stuck to the challenge and completed the required steps except for the days when I knew that if I did steps I would completely mess up my exercise routine.

The thing I wanted to achieve with this challenge was for my body to get use to walking at least 12,000 steps a day. I started with 10,000 steps and I have built up to 12,000 steps. This is the goal I had set out to do. I want to get to the point now that on my cardio days I do 12,000 steps. This is my cardio goal for the next few months until I do another step challenge.

My life feels like that of a travelling salesman. I am always flying or travelling. I have previously written on numerous occasions about how difficult it is to remain healthy or work out on this trip. My mission over the next few months is to capture the challenge of my travelling salesman lifestyle and not let it destroy everything I achieve during the days I am not travelling. If I can overcome this challenge, I think I will be a happy person.