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The Squat Challenge is done. 

The interesting thing about the squat challenge was that the toughest part for me was the middle the reps between 150 to 220. Those days really killed me. However, in the last 3 days, my knees would hurt after I was done. I did focus on posture and it is important to make sure you do. As the risk of injury with such high reps is greater. 

I lost additional inch around my hips and thighs so that is progress. I think I would do it again but once I have shed a lot more fat to get more definition. Now, here is what go me through it:

  • I did it barefoot – I am not sure what difference it made but it helped me focus on posture better; 
  • I did at at night and not as part of my morning workout. It made it easier to do it as my legs would have recovered somewhat and I could go to sleep shortly thereafter; 
  • when doing squats if you pretend that you were lowering yourself to sit in the chair  it helps keep the posture (yes, I know that is a strange way of sitting in the chair)