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There are many ugly truths or side effects that very few people talk about. I mean you are getting healthy and fitter so why rain on your parade especially with things  that are not so great. Well, mainly because they do impact your life and they make the process harder. It is also possible to reduce their effect.

Few of those things are excess skin, stretch marks and skin discolouration (the last one is huge if you are insulin resistant like me). 

These are the things that I have a found that go a long way in reducing the damage. Some of them are intuitive and others not so much, so here goes:

Not too much, too fast

It is important to remember that the weight one is trying to lose has accumulated over time. It is important to lose it slowly and steadily. It is probably hardest thing to focus on because you want it all to come off, and come off quickly. But, skin needs time to adapt, to do its thing and shrink. It needs to make the adjustment. It cannot make the adjustment fast enough and will get it wrong if it is doing too much.  It needs to catch-up with your over enthusiastic self.


Give it water. Everyone says drink water. Do. It helps the skin to do its thing. Also, additional water will increase the amount of exercise you get. All the extra trips to bathroom 🙂 


It gets the dead skin cells of your body. It makes the blood vessels in the skin pump more blood and gives it opportunity to build new cells.


And I mean moisturise. Do it two times a day at least. Cover yourself in cream or body butter (better choice) or oil (best choice). I use anything that I can get hand of – drugstore moisturising cream to shea butter to coconut oil. I like coconut oil as it also helps with discoloration of the skin. Put excessive amounts of moisturiser of your choice where the skin has been stressed the most – where is has supported your weight the most, in the creases, around the joints, etc.


If you can, get a massage. A lymphatic massage is awesome because it also helps with drainage of excess fluid but get whatever you can. It helps muscles relax (great for the poor overworked muscles) and it helps the skin. If you cannot go to the spa, do it yourself. It may not be as great or as relaxing as a massage from masseuse but it is better than nothing.

Papaya Skin

Eat the Papaya (great for digestive system) and rub the inside of the skin on your body. Yes, it is sticky and feels a bit ekeey (sp?) but it is great for the skin. It is especially good for the discoloured areas of your skin. It helps to make it better.

Yogurt and Honey Rub

At least once a week I use yogurt and honey rub to wash my body. I don’t know what it does but it definitely makes my skin feel great.

It helps to do these things as one is going through the weight loss process. It is one more thing to do during the weight loss but for me it as important as building muscle and getting rid of fat.

I may not be able to reverse all the damage but as long as I can reduce the damage, I am good. The remaining damage, I will wear with pride as scars of battles fought and won.