Some of the deepest pains and hurts are not caused by our enemies but the people closest to us. The one who you let into your lives. The ones who promise to protect you and not cause you pain. The ones who know that they are your one weakness. The ones who promise to let you die before you because they know that the life would become unbearable with them gone.

The ones who talk to you when you drive on insane roads of a strange country. The one who talk you out of standing at the shore on a stormy night. The ones who have heard you cry in a locked office room under the desk. The ones you bear open your heart. Tell them that these walls are coming down only for them. The old lesson forgotten and barricades broken are just because you trust them.

You tell them they can leave whenever they want because not in your wildest dreams you think that they ever will. They will remember all the promises they had made. They will respect all you had share. Not remember that one promise you made but forget all their promises.

The deepest pain is not witnessed by the tears and screeching hearts but defeating silence. The flicker of an eyelid and slightly shiver of the lip. The pretense of normalcy.

The deepest pain is only when your promise matters.