So, the fasting month has began, which means that the food habit and exercise has become more difficult.

This is what I have been doing so far:

Breakfast (Sehari) more like late night/early morning meal – protein, fruits and loads of water.

Gym – just before the Iftar. I go to gym about 1h 30 mins before the Iftar and come back while there are still 15 mins to the Iftar. This way, By the time I get out of shower, it is time for the Iftar. I think this is the only way for me to go to the gym while fasting.

Iftar – dates, water, fruits, protein with some carb (mainly chicken with rice or pasta), dessert (I need dessert), more water and fruits, tea.

I am counting calories to make sure I am not over eating. My micros have not been as good as I would like them to be. I need to start doing more protein. I am almost tempted to get protein shake to up my protein intake.

If you are fasting, what are your tips and tricks for fasting and how are you adapting to the new eating and workout schedule?