My return to the gym has not been painless. I have rediscovered the app ifitness and started using it to train.
Ifitness was my first fitness app and I used it a lot when I initially bought it. It was on my first iPad so it is going few years back. Exercises are divided by muscle group or equipment (or no equipment). There are also some simple workout routine depending on what you intend to do e.g tennis player or traveller. You can also design your own workouts, which is what I tend to do. It doesn’t link to any other fitness app which I frankly think is ok. I like the simplicity and effectiveness of it.

It makes me focus on one muscle group and really work it. Yesterday, I did legs. Today, I did arms. Tomorrow, I intend to do shoulders and chest. It was suppose to be abdomen and back but I have not made that routine yet. I may actually do just cardio. Who know, I am being adventurous.

My legs are still hurting. My tricep is starting to hurt. I know tomorrow morning will be painful.

But, it is good to push yourself so much that every muscle is screening for exhaustion.

So, good night and speak tomorrow.