This is a tough post to write. It is going to be a tougher blog to maintain. However, reading Does this blog make you look fat, I have decided may be social media is what I need to finally get my old self back.

So here is my story – without names and specifics (as I am too embarrassed to reveal them):

I am 30 something, somewhat successful professional career person. I am a westerner. I moved to the Middle East six years ago. Before I moved to the Middle East, I was a 120lb very athletic and fab looking girl. When I walked into the room people would notice me. I had played tennis through school and university, swam, never smoked or drank and lived a very healthy lifestyle (without really trying). I could buy any clothes I wanted and could go anywhere I wanted. Gym and exercise was something I enjoyed.


I moved to the Middle East and six years later, I weigh 240 lbs, I am fat and most people would rather ignore me or not notice me. I stopped playing tennis, and then swimming. The gym going reduced and now I just carry a membership and go few times a year. The clothes I buy are not based on design or colour or style I like but what I can find in my size. Shopping is stressful.

The healthy meals of salad and grilled chicken and healthy carb have gone. I am on “perpetual diet” but it is not really a diet. I eat random stuff and then eat salad or chicken or whatever and then get tired of eating these things, and then have pizza for lunch at work.

I have a 12 hour work + 2 hour commute day. Most days after coming home, I check personal emails, talk to my husband, have some kind of dinner and then sit in front of the tv until I am ready to pass out. I make my way to bed, read few lines of whatever book that I am reading and then pass out.

I am tired of living like this and don’t think I can do it anymore, so I have decided to give one more shot at doing this but this time I will record everything I do and eat. Everything that drives me crazy and make me break down.

The goal is simple to loose 10lbs a month, and do it for 12 months, one pound at a time.

This is my backward journey to reclaim myself.

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Best wishes on your journey!

  2. Hi I just found your blog 🙂

    I am in a similar situation (without the moving to the middle east bit…)

    Good luck with everything 🙂

  3. I so understand your plight. I am older now and have lost everything that I had in my youth. My lack of desire to do anything about it has been born out of a grief I can’t, nor will ever, be able to conquer in full. I wish you much success to lose the weight and be active again. I love your style of writing, by the way. Blessings from Florida.

  4. Thank you for following my blog! Happy that you like it 🙂 what an interesting blog you have 🙂 for sure will be back here 🙂 have a nice day! 🙂

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