Cardio Step Challenge – Completed

Updated Cardio Challenge involves:

(a) 30 days of cardio everyday (including the days I am travelling for work). Cardio on the travel days is going to be the hardest part of this challenge.

(b) Cardio in the morning and evening except the days for travel/working late/evening commitment days when it can be done either in the morning or evening.

(c) Steps requirements (Fitbit) for all days (except travel and working late/evening commitment days):

Days 1 to 5: minimum 10,750 steps
Days 6 to 10: minimum 11,000 steps
Days 10 to 15: minimum 11,250 steps
Days 16 to 20: minimum 11,500 steps
Days 20 to 25: minimum 11,750 steps
Days 25 to 30: minimum 12,000

(d) Steps requirements (Fitbit) for travel days and working late/evening commitment days minimum 5,000 steps.

The reason I am using the Fitbit steps count and not the Ozeri steps count is because I tend to forget that I need to wear Ozeri a lot. The Fitbit step count is usually lower than in the Ozeri step count so it allows enough margin for any difference between the actual and calculated steps to be corrected

Also, Fitbit syncs with other apps, which makes it easier for me to monitor progress and calorie intake, etc.

UPDATE: I am done the cardio challenge and this was by far the hardest of the three challenges I was doing. I wrote a wrap-up post about the challenge.

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