Dear Lord, Have Mercy

My return to the gym has not been painless. I have rediscovered the app ifitness and started using it to train.
Ifitness was my first fitness app and I used it a lot when I initially bought it. It was on my first iPad so it is going few years back. Exercises are divided by muscle group or equipment (or no equipment). There are also some simple workout routine depending on what you intend to do e.g tennis player or traveller. You can also design your own workouts, which is what I tend to do. It doesn’t link to any other fitness app which I frankly think is ok. I like the simplicity and effectiveness of it.

It makes me focus on one muscle group and really work it. Yesterday, I did legs. Today, I did arms. Tomorrow, I intend to do shoulders and chest. It was suppose to be abdomen and back but I have not made that routine yet. I may actually do just cardio. Who know, I am being adventurous.

My legs are still hurting. My tricep is starting to hurt. I know tomorrow morning will be painful.

But, it is good to push yourself so much that every muscle is screening for exhaustion.

So, good night and speak tomorrow.

Last Few Months


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It has been crazy last few months, which has meant that I have not had time to blog… so where do we start…

Moving – My job told me that they wanted me to move to another country. I was excited about the move except it has now been six months and the move hasn’t materialised. I’m not sure if I want to move anymore. I would rather stay where I am and continue to live my life as it is. But, the move has caused a lot of upheaval in my life. I packed and then unpacked, and now I am living in an apartment full of half packed-half opened boxes.

Home – The things on the home front have been in a turmoil for a while. My partner walked out more than a year ago and has not come back. There is a part of me which wants to just do the paperwork and get it over and done. However, there is another part of me which feels, he walked out, he should deal with the crap. I am not interested in dealing with all that crap.

Health, Food and Exercise – there have been many starts and stops. The good news is I haven’t gained any weight. The bad news is that I haven’t lost any. However, the important bit it to stay positive and I am focusing on the fact that I haven’t gained any weight. I need to figure out what to do for the next few months of the year to get back into shape.

Trainer – My lovely trainer has left the country and gone to other places. I miss having her around. She was an excellent person. I also was more focused when she was around. I need to find another trainer.


Hydration is the key to survival while fasting. Of course, we all have glasses and glasses of water (or at least we should) at Sehari and at Iftar but consuming vast quantities of water sometimes means that it is being flushed out of your system really quickly.

In my experience, having food with high water quantity is always helpful. Having fruits and vegetables (and include vegetables) both at Sehari and Iftar helps a lot.

My go to fruit for Iftar is watermelon, it is really hits the spot. I also have loads of fruit chaat which I love.

Keep hydrated.

Happy Ramzan.

Fasting, Exercise and Food

So, the fasting month has began, which means that the food habit and exercise has become more difficult.

This is what I have been doing so far:

Breakfast (Sehari) more like late night/early morning meal – protein, fruits and loads of water.

Gym – just before the Iftar. I go to gym about 1h 30 mins before the Iftar and come back while there are still 15 mins to the Iftar. This way, By the time I get out of shower, it is time for the Iftar. I think this is the only way for me to go to the gym while fasting.

Iftar – dates, water, fruits, protein with some carb (mainly chicken with rice or pasta), dessert (I need dessert), more water and fruits, tea.

I am counting calories to make sure I am not over eating. My micros have not been as good as I would like them to be. I need to start doing more protein. I am almost tempted to get protein shake to up my protein intake.

If you are fasting, what are your tips and tricks for fasting and how are you adapting to the new eating and workout schedule?

Cardio and Food


I have been on hiatus for last two months. Just doing cardio and somewhat monitoring the food. The life has become unbearable and that is all I could do without going completely insane. I am starting to get back to weight training and much more healthy eating and hopefully this time life would not be so hard. I will keep all and not just some of my new year resolutions.

The Deepest Pain



Some of the deepest pains and hurts are not caused by our enemies but the people closest to us. The one who you let into your lives. The ones who promise to protect you and not cause you pain. The ones who know that they are your one weakness. The ones who promise to let you die before you because they know that the life would become unbearable with them gone.

The ones who talk to you when you drive on insane roads of a strange country. The one who talk you out of standing at the shore on a stormy night. The ones who have heard you cry in a locked office room under the desk. The ones you bear open your heart. Tell them that these walls are coming down only for them. The old lesson forgotten and barricades broken are just because you trust them.

You tell them they can leave whenever they want because not in your wildest dreams you think that they ever will. They will remember all the promises they had made. They will respect all you had share. Not remember that one promise you made but forget all their promises.

The deepest pain is not witnessed by the tears and screeching hearts but defeating silence. The flicker of an eyelid and slightly shiver of the lip. The pretense of normalcy.

The deepest pain is only when your promise matters.


I love Chicken Briyani. It is the worst food for healthy eating. It has oil, chicken, potato and rice. There is loads and loads of oil. It clogs your arteries. It destroys workouts BUT it tastes awesome.

I have had it for three days now, and enjoyed it. No guilt. Pure pleasure.

Ugly Truths of Weight Loss


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There are many ugly truths or side effects that very few people talk about. I mean you are getting healthy and fitter so why rain on your parade especially with things  that are not so great. Well, mainly because they do impact your life and they make the process harder. It is also possible to reduce their effect.

Few of those things are excess skin, stretch marks and skin discolouration (the last one is huge if you are insulin resistant like me). 

These are the things that I have a found that go a long way in reducing the damage. Some of them are intuitive and others not so much, so here goes:

Not too much, too fast

It is important to remember that the weight one is trying to lose has accumulated over time. It is important to lose it slowly and steadily. It is probably hardest thing to focus on because you want it all to come off, and come off quickly. But, skin needs time to adapt, to do its thing and shrink. It needs to make the adjustment. It cannot make the adjustment fast enough and will get it wrong if it is doing too much.  It needs to catch-up with your over enthusiastic self.


Give it water. Everyone says drink water. Do. It helps the skin to do its thing. Also, additional water will increase the amount of exercise you get. All the extra trips to bathroom 🙂 


It gets the dead skin cells of your body. It makes the blood vessels in the skin pump more blood and gives it opportunity to build new cells.


And I mean moisturise. Do it two times a day at least. Cover yourself in cream or body butter (better choice) or oil (best choice). I use anything that I can get hand of – drugstore moisturising cream to shea butter to coconut oil. I like coconut oil as it also helps with discoloration of the skin. Put excessive amounts of moisturiser of your choice where the skin has been stressed the most – where is has supported your weight the most, in the creases, around the joints, etc.


If you can, get a massage. A lymphatic massage is awesome because it also helps with drainage of excess fluid but get whatever you can. It helps muscles relax (great for the poor overworked muscles) and it helps the skin. If you cannot go to the spa, do it yourself. It may not be as great or as relaxing as a massage from masseuse but it is better than nothing.

Papaya Skin

Eat the Papaya (great for digestive system) and rub the inside of the skin on your body. Yes, it is sticky and feels a bit ekeey (sp?) but it is great for the skin. It is especially good for the discoloured areas of your skin. It helps to make it better.

Yogurt and Honey Rub

At least once a week I use yogurt and honey rub to wash my body. I don’t know what it does but it definitely makes my skin feel great.

It helps to do these things as one is going through the weight loss process. It is one more thing to do during the weight loss but for me it as important as building muscle and getting rid of fat.

I may not be able to reverse all the damage but as long as I can reduce the damage, I am good. The remaining damage, I will wear with pride as scars of battles fought and won.